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At The Market Collection

by Umbi Kids 27 Jan 2023
Baju raya sedondon 2023
At The Market Collection came from core memories. Reliving sweet childhood memories with loved ones. How 'Riuh' for our sister, mother and grandmother to prepare for Hari Raya every year. We went to the market, plentiful fresh vegetables, fruits and flowers. Oranges glisten as they mimic sundown in the city. Creating bonds and family traditions. Ini lah erti keluarga.
Baju raya sedondon 2023
Umbi presents to you our third Raya 2023 collection, sedondon Baju raya for the whole family from babies to adult. We shine our spotlights on our exclusive prints; Fluer, Sunflower and Fruit punch. Umbi's exclusive prints are designed in-house. Therefore, Umbi's prints are unique and one of a kind. In 2023, Umbi is introducing a size 3-6 months for babies. Now we have a wide size range from babies 3 months old to adult size XXL. Celebrating every body shapes and ages. Nobody gets left behind.

Made from cooling cotton linen. A twist of modern and traditional silhouette. Baju kurung, baju melayu, kurta, ruffle blouse, baby kurung dress, baby baju melayu and many more are now available in Umbi's showroom located in Setia Alam. A one-stop shopping centre for Baju Raya 2023, just waze us @ Umbi Kids Setia Alam. We are can't wait to meet you!. Too far? At The Market Collection is available on our website, get it delivered to you. Online orders above RM300 will receive Umbi's exclusive sampul raya while stock last.  

Baju raya sedondon 2023
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