Christmas Activities for the family.

Christmas movies

Spending an evening or night watching Christmas movies is a must! Take a family vote and then watch the 'all-time favourite' Christmas movie together. Also don't forget some hot chocolate and some popcorn to make it feel extra special.

Cookies swap

Christmas without Christmas cookies is incomplete! After spending days in the kitchen baking your favourite cookies, why not having  some fun with our closest family, neighbours or friends by swapping cookies. Not only we get to to share our favourites but we might find a new favourite while sharing.

Cook some Christmassy food

Having a special Christmas dinner with family and enjoy some delicious foods should be the night that we can't skip during Christmas! Cook some Christmassy food together before dinner could create more sweet moments. Beef tenderloin, mashed potatoes, roast chicken or turkey, apply pie, jingle juice, and more to enjoy!

Family games night

Christmas is the perfect time for family gathering. Spend your holiday playing family board games such as Cluedo, Scrabble, Monopoly and so on. For those with a competitive streak, you can go for Catan, Uno and Pictionary too.

Gift exchange

Sharing is caring. Christmas without gifts is incomplete. Sharing and exchanging gifts is part of the tradition. Even the little thing will make someone happy. At Umbi Kids you can get our cute gifts set in a box for your family and friends. 3 gifts set options to pick from Joy, Aurora & Checked Blue prints. Our gifts set contains baby jumpsuit and kids tableware. Perfect for new parents and their bundle of joy.
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