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The Arte Collection

by Umbi Kids 21 Dec 2022
Sedondon family baju raya in Setia Alam
Have you ever dreamt of wearing a painting? Now you can with 'The Arte Collection'. This December Umbi brings you our latest garments and prints. The ability to create art is one of the defining characteristics of us humans. It is in our genes. It is there in all of us in various forms. That is why we always stop to enjoy and interpret art whenever we get a chance. Inspired by Van Gogh, Picasso and Monet. Works of the masters.
Kidswear Baju Raya 2023 in Setia Alam
The Arte Collection presents to you a bright colour palette with modern detailing. A wide size range from size 3-months for babies to size XXL for adults. Beautiful and comfortable silhouettes for every body shape. Using Cotton Linen, our pieces are suitable even for sweltering days. Cotton Linen is the top choice to wear in hot and humid weather conditions. The fabric's loose woven threads allow heat to escape from our body, hence being known as 'breathable fabric'. It absorbs moisture and dries quickly. Keeping you cool and dry. 
Kids Baju Raya 2023 in Setia Alam
You can wear them anytime and anywhere. The designs can be worn for hari raya, open house, hari merdeka, wedding receptions and so on. Tops and bottoms are sold separately allowing you to mix and match according to your taste and creativity.
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