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The Coral Collection

by Umbi Kids 02 Mar 2022
Umbi Kids Coral raya collection
Together, we are an ocean. Choir of the coral the sea breeze, We shall dance with waves, move with the sea. Colourful as life could be, just like the coral reefs. We introduce to you 'The Coral Collection', inspired by life under the sea. Umbi Kids 4th Raya 2022 Collection is finally live and available on Umbi Kids website. At Umbi we focus on flare details, relax silhouette and burst of bright colours for Hari Raya. Perfect for Raya sedondon #OOTD. We have designed two exclusive prints called 'Coral & Flow prints'. A wide size range from baby 6-9 months to adult size XXL. Matching outfits for the whole family. No one gets left behind. 
Umbi Kids baju raya sedondon
Umbi Kids baju raya sedondon untuk sekeluarga
You can visit our showroom located at Setia Alam or simply place your order online on our website. Order above RM300 will receive exclusive sampul raya for free.
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