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The Soleha Collection by Umbi Kids

by Umbi Kids 18 Oct 2021
Praying, is a beautiful ritual as it is a form of purification,
devotion, and will  bring you peace, and calmness. We understand
that finding the best Telekung for kids to pray is hard. There are
a lot of factors to look into, like the right fabric, the colour, pattern, and
most importantly, the comfort. It is important to be super duper comfortable
when you are praying, as this will cause less distraction while you are praying.
Umbi's Telekung is designed with 4 exclusive prints. Made from a cooling cotton blend fabric, We at Umbi believe that a reliable telekung is one that combines practicality and comfort. The Soleha Collection telekung will suit any face shape as it comes attached with elastic band for the head area. No more tying knots! Hassle free, quick and simple. A front petal border design at the bottom resembling a flower to complete the look.
You are in for a treat, every telekung prints is complimented with a dustbag, so your little one can keep everything tidy in one place. Grab Umbi's Soleha Collection telekung for your kids or give gifts to others and spread love to one another. Available on our website for delivery or self-pick up.
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