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There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth, We are all crew.

by Umbi Kids 21 Apr 2021
This home we inhabit is on track to becoming a hostile one.
The thought of allowing our children to grow up among contaminated
rivers, waste-filled oceans, and unbreathable air can be overwhelming.
This thought, made more terrifying by its stark reality, may cripple us;
but it may also empower us - to educate, to advocate, to take action.
Here at Umbi, we are not blind to the realities of the climate crisis.
We all play a part.
We've put together a few ways you can start to take action, together
with your child, in spaces held dear. Spaces called our homes.
50% of our landfills are organic waste. Food waste decomposing in landfills release methane gas, a potent greenhouse gas. Composting at home eliminates the negative effects of every point down the line, all without the waste leaving your door! A great habit to instil into the little ones, and a wonderful method to introduce nutritious organic matter into your soil, learn about the basics of composting here.
Our clothes are more durable than we think; and don't we all have comfortable sets of outfits we always gravitate towards? Learning to patch up a torn piece of clothing essentially extends its lifespan, and removes the need to shop for a replacement, which, consequently, means one less item thrown away.
Key takeaways for a young mind include: A mindful approach towards consumerism, a knack for resourcefulness, and the value of reusability.
Recycling where you are
Sometimes, we catch ourselves wondering what to do with a piece of waste. We don't know if it's recyclable; or we're simply not sure where to dispose of it. Convenience tempts us to throw it into the bin with everything else, and sometimes, we give in. Do you remember seeing a recycling drive near where you live? Are you aware of the services your local council provides?
A quick fifteen-minute online browse can equip us with the knowledge of where or how to correctly, mindfully dispose of waste. To start, here is a wonderful consolidation of the recycling services available in the Klang valley.
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