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Will Umbi Kids restock Raya Collections?

by Umbi Kids 10 Nov 2021
Umbi Kids is an exclusive kids and adults brand.
Through contemporary designs, we exist to inspire kids
about the freedom of self-expression, curiosity, and joy.
We pride ourselves by infusing Southeast Asian culture into
family clothing, while being mindful of mother nature.
Every collection is special and thought through.
At Umbi, we practice producing high quality Baby Jumpsuit,
Baju kurung, Kurta, Bayu Melayu and ect. Choosing a good and
comfortable fabric can be challenging. Our aim is to create simple,
comfortable and yet beautiful Raya outfits for the whole family.
A one-stop fashion brand where you can shop 'Sedondon outfits'
for your whole family to celebrate Hari Raya.
On the other hand, our unique prints are designed by
our in-house team. Therefore, Umbi Kids prints are one of kind.
Once our garments are sold out, we would not restock.
This is because it takes months to create and to produce our
prints design onto the fabric before turning it into garments.
So, grab your exclusive outfits before it sold out. If you missed
your chance, fret not. We will have more designs coming your way.
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