• The Ruma Riang Collectiom

    The Ruma Riang Collectiom

    We present to you, Umbi Kids second Raya collection. A size range from baby 6-9 months old to adult XXL. Brighter than ever, a perfect matching outfits for the whole family. You can now shop your sedondon family Raya outfits online or at Umbi Kids showroom located at Setia Alam.
  • The Matahari Collection.

    The Matahari Collection.

    Umbi Kids is excited to share our first 2022 Raya collection, inspired by Bumantara. We are thrilled to annouce new size range for kids and adults. Embracing the concept of 'Raya Sedondon', a matching 'Baju Raya' for the whole family from babies size 6-9 months to adults XXL. The Matahari Collection designs and prints are created with care. At Umbi we prioritise comfort ,...
  • 2 Simple Ways to style your Umbi Shawl

    2 Simple Ways to style your Umbi Shawl

    The Turban Look Materials: Umbi Shawl in your favourite print Safety pins (Optional) Instructions: Place the shawl on your head evenly with 1/2 on one side and 1/2 on the other. Hold it upward with the rest of the shawl facing you. Twist the shawl tightly to form a long braid on the top of your head. Wrap the braid on the top of...
  • Everyday Shawl Set for every women.

    Everyday Shawl Set for every women.

    We have put together boxes of beautiful heavy chiffon shawls for everyday wear. Each box comes with a palette of six carefully curated colours. Umbi's Everyday shawls will give you natural and elegant flow. It comes in 4 different sets of colours for only RM89. You can easily match with any outfits for any occasion. Everyday shawls set is a perfect gift, meaningful and...
  • Barbershop in Setia Alam

    Barbershop in Setia Alam

    Synthesis Barber Shop A good ambiance to relax and have a barber-style haircut. Professionally done by experienced and friendly hair stylists at a reasonable price. The decor is very trendy with a separate area for ladies' cut, and the hair washing basin faces a vertical garden. This is a place not just dads will enjoy visiting but also mommies as well. Address: No. 7-1-2, Jalan Setia Prima...
  • The Selesa Collection for women.

    The Selesa Collection for women.

    Experience an elevated height of Modesty with us. Dedicated to providing Umbi's modest wear for working women and mommies, we are introducing our everyday go-to basics that should be in every girl's wardrobe. The Selesa collection caters to the everyday superwomen who juggle multiple roles all at once while still managing to look flawless and yet comfortable. Modest fashion has become quite the trend...
  • Umbi Kids Babies Jumpsuit Series vol:01

    Umbi Kids Babies Jumpsuit Series vol:01

    Good news mommies, we heard your request. Everyone's favorite Umbi's Jumpsuit is now back with new exclusive prints and colours designed by our in-house team. Umbi's jumpsuit is made in Malaysia from cooling cotton material, comfortable just like pyjamas. Suitable to wear all-day long. Our jumpsuit comes with snap buttons for a quick and easy diaper change. Easy movement for your little ones for only...
  • Will Umbi Kids restock Raya Collections?

    Will Umbi Kids restock Raya Collections?

    Umbi Kids is an exclusive kids and adults brand. Through contemporary designs, we exist to inspire kids about the freedom of self-expression, curiosity, and joy. We pride ourselves by infusing Southeast Asian culture into family clothing, while being mindful of mother nature. Every collection is special and thought through. At Umbi, we practice producing high quality Baby Jumpsuit, Baju kurung, Kurta, Bayu Melayu and...
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