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by Umbi Kids 01 Apr 2024


In the heart of Malaysia's diverse culture lie traditions that resonate deeply with a sense of belonging and identity. A nostalgia and fond memories of simpler times.
Let’s see how well you know your own culture:

A strategic game played with marbles on a wooden board, Congkak is more than a pastime—it's a culture symbol that fosters patience and foresight. It has been passed on for generations, teaching mathematical and strategic thinking in a simple, engaging manner.

Gasing, also known as “spinning tops”, is a show of skill, strength, and craftsmanship. Back then, players competed to keep their beautifully crafted gasing spinning the longest, portraying the artistry involved in creating each gasing.


Flying the Wau, a Malaysian kite with beautiful intricate designs, is an activity that binds communities. Famous among adults and children, it's an art form celebrating freedom and art where the sky becomes a canvas of vibrant colors during competitions.

Batu Seremban
This game is played with seeds or stones. It requires players to pick up and catch these objects in complex sequences. It challenges coordination and concentration, offering simple yet fun competition among peers.

Sepak Takraw
Almost similar to volleyball's dynamics with more skill of foot play, Sepak Takraw is a famous today’s sport highlighting agility, teamwork, and artistic execution, deeply ingrained in Malaysia's sports culture.

Rediscovering these traditional Malaysian games not only connects us with our cultural roots but also offers a collective experience of joy and nostalgia.
So how many of these do you know how to play?

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