Who Are We?

Umbi Kids is an inclusive children's fashion brand based in Malaysia. Through contemporary designs, we exist to inspire kids about the freedom of self-expression, curiosity, and joy. We pride ourselves by infusing Southeast Asian culture into kids clothing, while being mindful of mother nature. Beyond creating beautiful, unique, and playful prints: Umbi Kids is deeply rooted in curating and designing pieces with conscious care; allowing every child to embrace their individuality while creating memories on their journey of growth. Embracing pattern artists and the local art scene, we are determined to create a stronger bond between the new generations and the world of creativity.

Our Values

Umbi Kids is a team that celebrates diversity. While maintaining a healthy working environment, we believe in growing together and embracing every individual strength. Our essence is grounded by nature, mindful by design. We aim to educate and practice sustainability with every unique creation. We aspire to grow and create memories with your little ones on this little journey called life. No matter the pace, we embrace every journey, With every journey, we embrace every growth, With every growth, we embrace every individuality, And with every individuality, children become curators of their own dreams.


Meet the team

We are three Malaysians dreaming of creating waves in the creative and fashion scene. It all started with a cup of coffee, a catch-up session. We design, we take photographs, we plan campaigns and we also package all your items. But the best thing is, we are creating an environment where we can sing to P.Ramlee, eat Apollo, dance to Salomah, while pursuing our dreams. This is who we are and how we work.