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The Bumi Collection

by Umbi Kids 19 Mar 2021
This festive season, we direct our senses earthwards
with Umbi's brand new collection: Bumi.

Here at Umbi, nature informs much of what we do.
This Raya, we embrace its visual brilliance, in our cool blue
Bumi Print and bright red Cherry Tomato Print. For a subtler tone,
we have a range of soft earth colours, drawn from deep waters,
calm meadows and sweet fruit. 
We've been spending more time
indoors than usual. As we adjusted to a different way of life,
we took notice of the space we inhabit — our homes.
Our movement was restricted, but our imaginations weren't.
As humans do, we made the best of what we had.
We brought the outdoors in, with lovely house plants and
succulents; we converted our workspace, into a workplace;
we ate lunches with our children and parents. As we now transition
into the next normal, let us remember not just our individual homes,
but our collective one too — planet Earth.
Let's make sanctuaries of our homes.
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