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The Secret Garden Collection

by Umbi Kids 12 Dec 2023
Umbi's first RAYA 2024 debut collection, "The Secret Garden," is an invitation to everyone to bask in the joy and warmth of togetherness during the Eid season. The Secret Garden Collection draws its inspiration from the serene beauty and timeless grace of lush garden and the encompassing embrace of Mother Nature herself. 🌳✨

The Secret Garden Collection embodies the elegance, tranquility, and vibrant aura gardens represent. Each piece in the collection is a masterpiece, crafted to bring out the wearer's grace and to resonate with the powerful beauty of the natural world.
As Eid is approaching, Umbi invites you to celebrate in style, add this stunning collection to your wardrobe, draped in tasteful fabrics perfect outfit to 'balik kampung'. From the soft blue hue Wave print to the lively color of Pebbles print, the collection is a palette of nature's most enchanting colors.
Celebrate this RAYA with "The Secret Garden" Collection, and let the magic of nature's elegance and the joy of togetherness fill your festive season with wonder and style.
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