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The Cahya Collection.

by Umbi Kids 03 Feb 2021

Presenting Umbi Kids first ever Raya collection; designed for the little ones.
Our new collection, is a transeasonal edit with lightweight styles.

Traces of modernity appear throughout the collection while preserving
touches of
tradition. To create a natural collection for kids, breathable fabric,
made of Cotton and Linen are widely used. The explosion of bright &
warm palette in
The Cahya Collection brings sunshine into sight. As the
cherry on the top, we are also introducing the exclusive Umbi Print,
designed by local artist.

The concept:
Our team at Umbi Kids dreams
of creating a meaningful collection for this upcoming festive season. Traditionally, we look forward to the first day of Hari Raya and the excitement of putting on our best clothes and visiting our elders. We gather, feast, and share inspirations behind each family’s outfits. With high hopes for this year's celebrations, though they may be a tint more solemn under the pandemic cloud, the Raya spirit must go on. 2021 will still be warm and meaningful. That is what 'The Cahya Collection' is all about.

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