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Umbi Kids celebrates Raya with Okay Kuih.

by Umbi Kids 15 Feb 2021
You can tell that Raya is just around the corner when all the
nibble sized snacks and
tempting cookies start popping up.
These mouth watering mini delights are offered to guests when
they visit during Raya, but frankly most of it would probably
end up in our tummies. A nyonya contemporary kuih for the
community. Okay Kuih is definitely one of Umbi Kids favorite
local snack. They bring us
down the memory lane, our childhood
tea time snack. Endless inspiration from the rich peranakan
culture. Beside
s the colourful aesthetic and amazing taste;
it is a perfect gift for family and friends while celebrating raya.

Here's a shout out to Okay Kuih.
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