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The Macaroon Kids Tableware

by Umbi Kids 15 Oct 2021
Umbi’s newest addition to the kids table: a 4 piece premium quality
silicone baby set. Comes in 6 colours. Tableware set for your child that
will make mealtimes even more fun. This silicone set features a suction
that keeps it in place, minimizing spills as your little ones learn how to feed themselves. The food grade silicone material lets you safely heat food up
directly in the dish without worrying about things getting too hot for your baby's fingers. You can also use the matching coloured spoon with wooden handle.
The bib has a handy deep spill pocket to catch any spillage & food that doesn’t make it into your little one's mouth. The big, wide pocket retains its shape to ensure nothing escapes. The bibs are foldable, they retain their shape! So easy
to roll up and travel on the go! From baby through to toddler and beyond, this
bib grows as they grow. 4 adjustable fastening buttons make it near impossible for toddlers to tear off! Water-repellent and a fast drying material. The Silicone Cup is a 21st-century take on the sippy cup for your growing pre-school child. Great as a smoothie cup for little kids. When it’s time for your child to progress to a big kid cup, simply remove the lid. The Silicone Cup is safe, colourful, and
designed to fit comfortably in little hands and holds just the right volume for small pre-school tummies in one sitting.
Hurry! grab your set of Macaroons kids tableware.
You can order online on our website for delivery or self-pick up
at Umbi Kids showroom located at Setia Alam Selangor.
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