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The Nostalgia Collection

by Umbi Kids 04 Feb 2022

Kampung ku, a journey through familiar and fond remembrances. Flooding your emotion with pleasure and delight. We travel far away from home, we work to our bones eventually to return home. Nostalgia, may we walk your roads evermore.

The Nostalgia Collection, we bring you back to the older days with a twist of modern take. 3 exclusive prints for Umbi Kids third Raya 2022 collection. Meet Semenanjung, Kirana & Forest print. This year, we proudly present to you our additional sizes for adults. Baju Kebaya, Baju Kurung, Kurta, Baju Melayu and many more can be seen throughout the whole collection.

You can easily shop online on Umbi Kids website or visit our walk-in showroom located at Setia Alam. Get your sedondon Baju Raya for the whole family, stand out during Raya gathering & OOTD. 

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