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The Raya Haji Collection

by Umbi Kids 27 Jun 2022

Raya haji is fast-approaching and you deserve some retail therapy. To celebrate this occasion, Umbi Kids has an exclusive Raya Haji Collection, offering some of the most beautiful and modest sedondon outfits for the whole family.
We introduce to you Megah print, designed by Umbi Kids in-house creative designer. Inspired by the clouds, using black and white colour. Besides the colour, you can easily mix and match Megah print. With comfortable, simple and yet stunning silhouette, you can wear the garments everyday, anyway and anytime.

Hurry and add to cart, or visit Umbi Kids HQ showroom at Setia Alam. Fitting room is available, we are open from Monday to Friday from 9:30am-5:30pm. Don't worry, you can also Waze: Umbi Kids.
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