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The Shawwal Collection

by Umbi Kids 14 Feb 2023
The month of Syawal is approaching, it is time to prepare for Hari Raya Aidilfitri. This 2023, Umbi Kids has stepped up the game to match your excitement about the long-awaited day, Hari Raya! Umbi Kids presents to you a new material, Satin material for Umbi Kids 4th Raya collection.

The Shawwal Collection is inspired by 'Angin di Kampung'. Cooling and airy on the skin. It can be worn and paired in many ways. The Shawwal Collection silhouette will compliment every type of body shape. Minimalist elegance in one collection. Caftan top, mermaid shirt, and baju melayu are designed to make you look effortlessly beautiful even when you are eating ketupat, lemang and kuah kacang. Umbi Kids is food-bump friendly. We look forward to eat all the kuih raya!

Looking for sedondon baju raya for the whole family? Fret not, Umbi Kids is a one-stop center to shop matching baju raya. We have Baju kurung, boxy blouse, kurta, teluk belanga, baju melayu, baby jumpsuit, baby kurung dress, shawl, bawal and many more. Visit our showroom located in Setia Alam, just Waze Umbi Kids. Free sampul raya for any walk-in purchase. Too far? shop online and get it delivered to your doorsteps. Receive free sampul raya when you purchase RM300 and above while stock last.

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